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Best Moen Kitchen Faucets: 2 Great Designs for 2019

Looking to purchase a Moen kitchen faucet? You’re making a wise decision, as Moen has over 50 years of experience and is the #1 faucet brand in North America. With a focus on style, quality and innovation, Moen continues to push boundaries and raise the bar regarding what consumers should expect from a kitchen faucet or other home fixture.

To learn about our pick for the best Moen kitchen faucet and a runner-up without all the bells and whistles we’ve included for good measure, check out the comparison chart below as well as the in-depth reviews that follow.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Comparison Chart

NameFlow RateMaterialCompatibilityRating
Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless Kitchen Faucet (7594ESRS)
The Top Pick
1.5 GPMMetal1- or 3-hole9.6/10CHECK PRICE
Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet (7594SRS)
The Runner-Up
1.5 GPMMetal1- or 3-hole9.4/10CHECK PRICE


Moen Arbor Motionsense Touchless Kitchen Faucet (7594ESRS) – The Top Pick

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The Rundown

Moen’s Arbor kitchen faucet is an incredibly beautiful fixture with a styled, yet minimal look that we think would work well in any kitchen design. The faucet has a high, goose-necked arc that leads to its flared handle, providing a unique yet traditional look. Adding to this, Moen has designed this kitchen faucet to use a single hole mount, which provides a clean, contemporary look. If the single hole mount won’t work with your current setup, Moen also includes the hardware required for 3-hole mounting. Regardless of your style or kitchen sink requirements, the Moen Arbor should be able to find a home in your home. Finally, Moen offers the Arbor in three different finishes: spot resist stainless, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome.

Now that we’ve gotten the design of the Arbor out of the way, it’s time to check out some of its features. You may have noticed in the comparison chart above that the only difference in the name of the two faucets listed is the phrase ‘Motionsense Touchless’. This particular Arbor faucet is in essence the deluxe version of the standard Arbor, and is pricier because of the added technology.

What makes this faucet so unique and strongly worth your consideration is its Motionsense, touchless technology, which gives you the ability to trigger the flow of water without ever touching anything. With two advanced sensors, one located at the top of the faucet and one at the base, the Arbor with Motionsense means you no longer have to worry about getting that nasty chicken juice (or whatever it is you’re cooking) all over the handle of your kitchen faucet. Moen makes it a point to note that this technology assists in controlling the spread of germs, as it doesn’t take someone from the CDC to realize constantly touching a handle with dirty hands means that handle’s got to be pretty dirty. If after reading this paragraph you’re still somewhat skeptical about this feature, check out what Business Insider has to say about Moen’s hands-free technology.

Another great feature of the Moen Arbor is its Reflex System, which provides a faucet hose that automatically retracts to its original position and won’t lose strength over time. Moen has included 68 inches of hose, meaning a ton of slack for you to reach any area around your sink or over larger items that need cleaning. What’s more, the Reflex System docks securely and thanks to Moen’s focus on quality, won’t sag over time like some other faucets. Along with its Reflex System, the Arbor has been designed with two spray patterns meant to handle all your cleaning needs. With an aerated stream for standard cleaning processes and a forceful stream for tough messes available at the touch of a button, cleaning any item is convenient and efficient. Furthermore, thanks to Moen’s Power Clean technology, even though the more forceful stream provides a great deal of pressure, the water won’t splash up as much onto things like your countertops or clothes, which, speaking from experience, is really irritating.

Buying a new faucet is great and all, but the thought of installing it or finding someone to install it for you can be anxiety inducing. When it comes to installing the Arbor, Moen’s Duralock Installation System makes it easy. So easy, in fact, tools may not even be required. Adding to this, water lines can be safely and securely connected to the Arbor in one step, meaning you can start cleaning those dishes again in no time – woohoo (just kidding…). Of course, if you do still decide to have someone else install it for you, there’s no judgement here!

More often than not, the type of warranty a brand offers with their products reveals the quality of their products as well as their level of customer service. In Moen’s case, they provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty with the purchase of the Arbor, as well as a 5-year warranty on digital components.



Moen Arbor Kitchen Faucet (7594SRS) – The Runner-Up

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The Rundown

Because this faucet is very similar to the Arbor with Motionsense above, we won’t go super in-depth with this review and risk boring you to sleep. Rather, we’ll quickly touch on the features of the standard Moen Arbor, as well as talk about really the only thing it offers that the Arbor with Motionsense doesn’t.

While the standard Moen Arbor looks identical to the Arbor with Motionsense (without the motion sensors, that is), it’s unique in that it offers a fourth color option that the Arbor with Motionsense does not. Along with chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and spot resist stainless, the standard Moen Arbor faucet also comes in a matte black finish. The matte look offers another clean and minimal option to either juxtapose your countertops and/or cabinetry, or match them.

Like the Arbor with Motionsense, this unit has been designed with Moen’s Reflex System, meaning you can pull the head away from the neck of the faucet to reach other areas around you sink. The faucet includes 68 inches of hose and will automatically retract to its original state when you’re finished. Also like the Arbor with Motionsense, this faucet includes two different water stream options that can be changed at a moment’s notice depending on the amount of water pressure needed.

Also included with the standard Arbor is Moen’s Duralock Installation System, which, as we explained in the prior review makes installation a breeze with one step water line connection. Finally, Moen includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty with the purchase of this faucet.



Closing Remarks

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When it comes to deciding on the Moen faucet that’s right for your home, it can be a tough decision as the brand produces a number of excellent kitchen sink faucets. After comparing the faucets in its catalog, we came to the conclusion that the Arbor Kitchen Faucet is the Best Moen Kitchen Faucet. While the Arbor with Motionsense is our true top pick, the standard Arbor without Motionsense is a more budget friendly option. We believe that between these two faucets, one could potentially be the perfect fit for your home.



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